HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 11th May

Aaaaaaaand, here we are once again, with some stuff that we reckon you might like to buy, all featured in the last few hours over on HotUKDeals.
As well as highlighting the bargains, we like to throw in a few wisecracks and hey preston, you’ve got yourself a reliable daily feature that you can even read to your kids as a bedtime story. If your kids are made from wood that is.

Dr. Who – it’s a queer old cult and no mistake. Seemingly a children’s programme but with a few scary bits hurled in to keep the overgrown kids who obsess over it happy. And what is Dr. Who’s chief weapon? A sonic screwdriver, no less. But what of his nemesis, the Master? Yep, he’s got a screwdriver too.

So, two supremely powerful men, and they’re both armed with a souped-up version of something you can easily pick up from Poundland. And millions of people watch this programme why exactly? Peh! Anyway, if you want to play at being the Master, you can get a toy version of his screwdriver for just £2.74 at the moment.

If you like your entertainment a little older and a lot funnier, you’re probably a Charlie Chaplin fan. Cue tirade of comments about how Buster Keaton was the true genius of the silent comedy era with a few shouts for Harold Lloyd as well. Okay, okay, we hear you.

But if it’s Chaplin you like, you might be interested in this comprehensive 11-disc box set which has £100 off its RRP and is currently available for just £34.96. Bring your own cane, bowler hat and moustache made from a dead slug.

Speaking of knockabout comedy, chronically underachieving Premier League sides Newcastle United and Middlesbrough meet tonight, with the loser facing the prospect of being banished from the big boys’ football table for at least a year.  At least.

It’s bound to end as a bore draw that will satisfy no one. Perhaps there’s an argument for playing it as a 3-a-side on this inflatable pitch that you can get for only £15. Sadly, the potential comic value is lessened by the fact that the actual playing surface isn’t inflatable – imagine Mark Viduka bouncing around on it if it was. ‘Dreamy’ doesn’t begin to describe it.

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  • Mike H.
    I got one of those Dr Who laser screwdriver things for the wife, she says, and I quote, "Fucks sake, that made me eyes water, pass us the rampant rabit back"

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