HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 11th January

hukd_logob1 If you’re trying to quit smoking, are ravenous and need to make a phone call, then we’re here to service all of your needs right bloody now.

Plus, we’ll even help to save you £££s, thanks to the help of HotUKDeals

smoking-cigarette_18You might be reading this while gasping for a fag, a few tough days into an heroic attempt to pack in smoking forever. If it isn’t going that well, we might be able to help, and help cheaply as well.

HotUKDeals member Pin4apple is a week into a new cig-free life after almost two decades as a smoker. She’s had some help from a deal that got her patches and inhalators for just £1 a week over the coming ten weeks. We’ll drink to that!

579500If you’re looking for something to munch on in order to keep your mouth busy while you try not to think about smoking, how does a plate of ham, egg and chips sound? Yes, we feel exactly the same about it as you do.

It’s yours for only £1.99 but unfortunately, you’ll have to go to a pub in order to get it. So try not to sit near the door or you’ll be spending the whole time watching people traipse outside for a good hard puff on their cancer sticks.

579645Finally, here’s the best mobile phone deal of the immediate now, at least according to discerning HotUKDeals types. The handset is the HTC HD2 and it will cost you an initial £79.99, although there is £30 available back via Quidco.

The offer is for an 18-month contract and you’d be shelling out just £25.00 per month. Now, is that less or more than you were spending on the tabs before you gave them up? Exactly. And you don’t stink as much these days either… apart from because of all them eggs you've been eating.

(deals found by HUKD members pin4apple, fordry62 and Lemon2)

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