HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 10th October

new hukd logo It’s all going on in today’s round-up of brilliant bargains from HotUKDeals – plastic space travel, cheap, lethal explosives and a piece of hardware that will increase your self-loathing.

1033533_1If you’ve got your wits about you, you’ll be a keen observer of the Peppa Pig oeuvre. An educational but entertaining set of short films that combine fun and realism, sending out a strong message to youngsters about how to be an annoying, passive-aggressive little twat.

But reality takes a back seat when the Peppa Pig Spaceship playset looms into view. We’re pretty certain that neither Peppa or her family have ever attempted space travel, rendering this so-called toy as nothing more than a disgusting cash-in. Which you can currently get for only £9.32. BARGAIN!

1033557_1Next comes a very special piece of equipment indeed. It looks like an ordinary set of human-weighing scales but in fact it’s a ‘body analyser’ from the good people at Silver Salter – and it’s only £7.99 right now.

We had a go on a similar ‘body analyser’ once – stood on the thing for 30 seconds until it slowly spewed out a small piece of paper with tiny writing on it. The writing simply said ‘you have a tiny penis and your breath smells’. Classy.

1033538_1Finally for today, as you’re almost certainly aware, it’s almost Bonfire Night, which means that for the next few weeks, the peace of our evenings will be shattered by the sound of fireworks being set off by your local gang of bored morons.

If YOU’RE one of those bored morons, you can get yourself some top quality fireworks at low, low prices from this Saturday. Hey, while you’re about it, why not get yourself a Zippo-style oil lighter to go with them? It’s only £1.20 – what could possibly go wrong??

(deals found by HUKD members babyblue, mofokiss, Dan2310 and sjarvis100)


  • Big G.
    Shame you are removing offers from Scan, bit petty if you ask me.
  • Dick
    Make sure you don't get the american version of the scales, as they don't actually do anything, they just have "FAT FUCK" stamped across the LCD screen.

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