HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 7th November

Thank Crunchie it’s Friday, or so they used to say. Maybe they still do – I spend my day isolated in my shed with a laptop and a head full of dreams, so I really have no idea what ‘they’ say any more. Or indeed, who ‘they’ actually are.

But I do know who the Dealketeers are at HotUKDeals – they’re the choc-hungry guys and gals who are responsible for today’s best bargains from the chocolate factory. Today’s tenuous link is in association with Friday and Crunchie. Chocfest ahoy…!

Tins of Cadbury Roses, Celebrations and Quality Street – half price. Delving into these tins is as much a part of Christmas as the Queen’s Speech and sicking up all over your new jumper at about 5.53pm. Mmmm…

But why wait till Christmas? You bloody well shouldn’t when you can nab two large bars of God’s own chocolate, Galaxy, for a brown-drooling 82p. Yes, 82-effing-pence! Come on – let’s get diabetic!

You might be a chocolate dabbler who likes a bit of biscuit in there as well – okay, this one’s for you. Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers at just 69p a box. Oh yes; that’s less than the price of a broadsheet newspaper and means you can get your fingers chocolatey instead of inky.

Are you reading this Jamie Oliver? Yeah? Well bog off sunshine – we want our chocolate fun and you can’t stop us. And it’s not over yet. Double chocolate muffins on Buy One Get One Free? Check. Boxes of Maltesers for a quid? Check.

Om om  om om om om….. thank chocolate it’s FRIDAY!!!!

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