HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 5th December

It’s the weekend so let’s eat drink and be merry! Yes, again! All with much respect to the diligent snip-seekers from HotUKDeals. Think of them researching away in their underground dungeons while you’re filling your face and having your fun…

There’s a recession on and restaurants are feeling the pinch as much as anyone. But would you make the effort for a “2 for £5” deal? Hell, of course you would.

That’s what on offer from the Sizzling Pub Company. We’re not sure how comfortable we’d feel in a sizzling pub, but with a bargain like that, we’d have a good go at putting up with it. Find out how you can get your £2.50 dinner here.

Once you’re back home, you might be looking for some way, any way to rid the incessant sizzling noise from your head. All you can do is turn to booze, in this case, Glenlivet’s wonderful smooth whisky.

70cl of the 12-year old malt has a tenner off and is now just £15.99. Find out where by following the link. You sozzle-faced booze hound

Right, assuming you’ve been eating and drinking with your loved one, now’s the time to take things up a notch. Carefully follow these instructions.

If you’re the man, whip out the sexy Santa underwear (with hat!) that you previously purchased for one whole earthly pound. If you’re the woman put it on. We won’t go any further as we’re a FAMILY site. Sometimes. Oh, and the sexy Santas in the pic aren’t the ones in the offer. We just liked the look of them more.

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