HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 30th January

Here’s our pick from the best deals on the… oh you know the rest. HotUKDeals etc…

Don’t know if you saw ‘Piers Morgan On… Dubai’ last night – we didn’t, as the only thing we want to see Morgan on is a torture rack. Anyhoo, there’s some awesomely cheap flights to the place that looks to us like an exact blend of heaven and hell.

More info on Dubai and a few scare stories on the HUKD forum as well. Don’t carry drugs inside an Amy Winehouse-esque beehive wig, don’t have sex with your socks on and if you’re planning on getting ridiculously drunk, take a carrier bag to be sick in – 500 punches to the solar plexus if you hurl on the pavement.
(deal found by everylittlehelps)

Next up, a hand blender for an eye-wateringly cheap £3.39. We say ‘eye-wateringly’ as we just tried it out on our work experience boy Dustin and it brought a tear or 75 straight to the front of his face.

Hold on – just read the small print and it seems that it’s not to be used for the blending of hands, human or otherwise. Sorry Dustin, just run it under the cold tap for a minute son; and put the kettle on while you’re there.
(deal found by nNaVn)

Bringing this frantic flurry of bargains to an end is the Nokia 5800 Touch Screen Phone on an o2 contract. The HUKD poster (Monkeyballs) claims that you can expect to bag yourself a free phone and 8GB micro SD Card, with £15 per Month getting you unlimited texts and 100 free minutes.

There’s other deals available for the same handset but it all sounds rather ace and stuff – so let’s raise a toast to Monkeyballs everyone. TO MONKEYBALLS! And Dustin's now-gnarled hand.
(deal found by MONKEYBALLS!)

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