HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 29th May

Yes – breathe deeply then roar with delight for it is Deals Of The Day – True Or False Friday! The daily bargain round-up with an end-of-the-week quizzy twist.

As usual as Susan, there’s some smashing bargains we’ve found over at HotUKDeals and a curious statement relating to each one. But is it true or is it… false? You’ll never know… unless you look at the bottom of the page.

THE DEAL: 4 tickets for £20 for Scooby Doo and the Pirate Ghost live on stage. Terms and conditions apply, and they’re probably not good ones either. Still, eh?

TRUE OR FALSE?  The character of Scooby Doo is based on a rude hotel manager that the Scooby Doo team encountered while filming their Scooby Doo & The Holy Grail movie in Scotland in 1974.

THE DEAL: The Steve Martin Collection: containing The Jerk, The Lonely Guy and Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid. Three hilarious DVDs from the great man made before it all went bad in a lovely box set for just £5.

TRUE OR FALSE?  Steve Martin used to have the world’s largest collection of Polo mints, with a total of 549,250. However he had them melted down in 2006 and made into a solid, pure white chariot which he now rides around Hollywood in each evening. While he does this, he delivers a lecture about the evils of backstreet chiropody through a megaphone.

THE DEAL: A Hitachi 22in HD-ready digital LCD DVD-combi TV. It was £273.99 but now it’s only £163.99. Booyaka!

TRUE OR FALSE?  Many people believe that the inch rating of a TV (ie, in this case, 22 inches) is the width of the screen. Not so – in fact it is the average distance that the TV can be thrown with one hand.

(deals found by nox, edi and PraxxtorCruel)

TRUE OR FALSE: The statements are all TRUE.

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