HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 28th November

We’re approaching Secret Santa season. You know – that time of year when you buy something shite, wrap it up and take it to work and one of your unlucky colleagues gets it.

Similarly, you also get something equally shite that you can chuck away or hang on to for next year’s Secret Santa debacle. The whole thing is based on the eternal truth that we more or less hate everyone we work with. Thanks to HotUKDeals, we’ve got a few suggestions for affordable rubbish you can purchase and pass on.

The 90s – what a decade for music THAT was eh readers? Actually, it wasn’t – it was the decade when music realised it was exhausted and started either spewing out rubbish facsimiles of what it had done before or a load of identikit dance bollocks that failed to progress in any way from 1994 onwards.

If you agree with me and are keen to inflict a 5-CD box set of some of the decade’s worst guff on to some poor sod, then Never Forget is the product you’re looking for. Warning – it contains Steps, NSYNC and Peter F***ing Andre.
(Deal found by theoldman)

While we’re mixing up the cultural stew, £2.99 will get you a DVD of Tod Browning’s Freaks. For the uninitiated, it’s a 1930’s American movie set in a circus, where pinheads, midgets, and limbless oddballs wreak revenge on the ‘normals’ who mock them.

Widely regarded as a cult classic, it’s actually unwatchable tripe of the highest order. Seriously, if you watch it it’ll be the longest hour of your life. But, it’ll make a great Secret Santa gift as it’ll either shock the recipient or bore them to tears – a double whammy.
(Deal found by edi)

Lastly, relish in the dismayed look on the face of one of your office enemies as they gleefully unwrap their Secret Santa treat and discover that some bastard has given them a 5-pack of f***ing Pepperami – which you’ve only paid a quid for.

Luckily for them, if they don’t want to eat the stuff, they’ll be able to stare at the list of ingredients on the packaging and try and figure out how a stick of Peperami contains 108% pork. Happy Christmas knobhead.
(Deal found by coco2007)


  • aphexbr
    90s music was great for me - everything from Nirvana to Stone Roses to Prodigy to De la Soul to Ben Harper to Way out West to lots of other great stuff... Yeah, it was the decade that the marketing people realised that they could stick to a formula of cheesy pop (God, how I loathe the Spice Girls and their spawn) but there was still great stuff to find. kind of like now, where any band with 2 brain cells to rub together (e.g. those who didn't get on TV through a karaoke contest) are avoiding major record contracts and making they music they actually want to make rather than what a marketing droid insists upon.
  • Andy D.
    Totally agree. Sadly, the 1990s saw the end of an era when genuinely subversive artists regularly made it to the top of the charts. Britpop spawned the godawful 'indie lite' that still exists to this day and I for one won't rest until Scouting For Girls are cold in their graves.

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