HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 27th February

As another mediocre working week prepares to completely slither out of our minds to be replaced by wine and dancing, here we go again with our pick of the latest bargains posted on HotUKDeals over the past 24 hours.

They won’t suit everyone but hell, we’re not here to make you happy. That’s what wine and dancing were invented for.

First up, make sure you’re out of bed bright and early tomorrow so you can get down to your local newsagent, petrol station or other like-minded newspaper vendor.

Once you’re there, you can pick up a voucher that will entitle you to two free adult-flavoured tickets to the adrenaline-generating netherworld that is Alton Towers. More deets here (that’s what we’re calling details now – deets. Cool, no? No? Oh.)

You might find that you’ll get your voucher and arrive at Alton Towers only to realise that fun isn’t ‘your thing.’ Only to realise that ‘your thing’ is in fact German-language docudramas about the last days of Adolf Hitler.

If you’ve brought a laptop you’re in luck, as you’ll be able to watch the masterful ‘Downfall’ on it – the inspiration behind a million and one spoof Hitler videos (just go to YouTube and search for ‘Downfall spoof’ if you don’t believe us.) The DVD is currently available for just £2.99 – click here for dem deets.

Lastly, here’s something to ensure that your laptop won’t get damaged once you decide to put it away because watching a film about Hitler in the middle of Alton Towers is a pretty ridiculous way to live.

It’s a Targus laptop bag with an optical mouse included and is yours for only a tenner. Deets here. Now put your bloody Hitler film away and start enjoying yourself you miserable old crow.

(deals found by shazzersere, andywedge and kramvic)

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  • ungulator
    wasn't the hottest deal the XBOX360 Elite from littlewoods it got 1596!!!

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