HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 24th October

It’s a transport special here today, with the best deals lifted from the forums at HotUKDeals. Something for everyone, whatever the budget, to help you get from A to B, and if you’re lucky, C or even D. Never been as far as D myself mind you, although I’ve heard the beaches are nice.

Anyways, we like to think that our typical Bitterwallet reader is someone who exists in the higher echelons of society. A confident, self-made success story, who isn’t afraid to spend their hard-earned millions on blue-chip products.

Admittedly, some of you mostly just like to find out where you can get a 1 litre tub of ice cream for less than a quid, but mostly, we assume you’re a bloody rich bunch. So here’s one you’ll love – buy an unused 2008 Aston Martin Vantage and receive a Mercedes SLK free!

You’ll need in excess of £85k sloshing around in your pocket to be able to get into this one, but we know that’s not a problem for most of you. Follow the link and learn more about the complicated T&Cs involved. Good luck.

Maybe you don’t have a spare £85k lying around; maybe you’re more concerned with staying healthy. If that’s the case, why not treat yourself to a new bike and start shedding that Yuletide flab before you’ve even started putting it on.

You can get a top-notch Cannondale F6 mountain bike for £299 (down from £439) or a Specialized Rockhopper (pictured) for just £350 (usually £500+).

They might sound pricey, but as HUKD forum member Golaboots888 says, they’re not for “the people who get excited about £50 Tesco bikes that weigh as much as a car and are useless for anything other than decorating sheds.” Ooh, hark at him/her!

Finally, if the bikes and the cars are all well out of your price range, there’s a sale on at TopShop. We’ve got our keen eye on this pair of Espadrilles (pictured) that are reduced to just a fiver.

Apparently you even get two of them for your cash – just in case you’re daft enough to actually want to leave the house with them on.

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    [...] the wiser, if only she had purchased the 2008 Aston Martin Vantage we posted here, she would have saved much headache, literally.  Aston Martin stolen?  No [...]

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