HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 24th April

Look, it’s like this, the sun’s shining, it’s Friday, it’s 4pm, it’s CRACKERJACK! we’re aching to get down the pub, so let’s keep this simple.

Bargains, three of them, as fresh as the lambs that are filling up the fields (mmm, lamb balti…) all from the green pastures of HotUKDeals. Take it or leave it.

First, the good news. We know where you can get a big, smashing super telly at a knock-down price. A Samsung LE40A656A 40" 100Hz LCD TV for just £599.99. It’s at PC World by the way.

Secondly, the bad news. There doesn’t seem to be any to get. Like, anywhere. They’re ‘collect in store’ only and reports are filtering through from HUKD that almost all branches are out of stock. So why are we including this in Deals Of The Day? Mischief really, maybe just to reiterate what a set of wankers DSGi can be.

Next, a box set of the first 21 James Bond films on DVD. It calls itself The Complete Collection, but it doesn’t any of the future, as yet unmade Bond movies. Oh, or Quantum Of Solace.

But, what do you want for £49.99? Get one in and start your Christmas shopping early. Then buy Quantum Of Solace separately and just glue it on to the bottom of the box. Call it a limited edition. Everyone wins. Except Bond creator Ian Fleming – he’s long since dead.

Lastly, a pregnancy testing kit. For only one pound. With the added bonus that you get two goes for your quid so if you don’t like the result you get, try taking the test again but standing on your head. Might work out better for you.

As HUKDer phproxy drolly observes, “I once did a pregnancy test, been a male I was un-surprised by the 'not pregnant' response.” Then there’s, “Remember though, she can't get pregnant if you pull out, or if she's on her back.” He's classy. Almost worthy of James Bond himself. Right, pub.

(deals found by gaz.a.ace, heatlight and kerri_<3_bargain)

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  • James
    to be fair to DSGi i think its hot uk deals who have been a bit late to react... that offer on the series 6 was around when i went tv shopping over the easter weekend, and speaking to a guy there (pc world) he said there were none in stock but were available to order. Now that this tv is end of line (i think) im not surprised there are none around, considering the amount of people who would've placed an order over easter........

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