HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 19th November

hukd_logob1 Yes! It’s the time of week we call True Or False Friday! The time of the week when we let our hair down and play a little guessing game with you. Delight in the bargains and ponder the true or false statements.

The bargains, of course, all hail from HotUKDeals. But you knew that fact didn’t you?

804274_1THE DEAL: CDs from Susan Boyle and Take That for only £1.00.

TRUE OR FALSE? Mysteriously, Susan Boyle and Take That have never been seen together in the same room. But this is solely because a restraining order prevents the strange-faced Boyle from going within 100 miles of the ageing man-band.

804105_1THE DEAL: One litre of Baileys Irish Cream, in an array of flavours for only £9.00

TRUE OR FALSE? The drink is name after Seamus Bailey, who invented it in 1782. Every single drop that is bottled and sold is filtered through a pair of his long johns, as in keeping with the original manufacturing methods.

GlenmorangieSherry055THE DEAL: Moet champagne and Glenmorangie whisky at two bottles for £30.00.

TRUE OR FALSE? Moet is the drink of choice for German football side Stuttgart Kickers, with the players force-fed it before, during and after matches for the past 15 years. It has coincided with the worst run of results in their 110-year history but the club's chairman describes it as 'a blip'.

(deals found by HUKD members oink, amandax and adyorton )

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