HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 15th May

Writing an introduction to Deals Of The Day has become almost impossible. How to pithily say the same thing five times a week while including a link to HotUKDeals is driving me to depression.

So I’m not going to bother today.

Right then, you’ve probably gazed on in wonder at some of the sniping between PC and Mac users on this site. Don’t worry – it goes on all over the world, random strangers punching each other to buggery in public over which is the superior system.

Now you can get the infinitely superior system with 0% finance over 10 months. I’m talking about a Mac of course. 0% finance – why that’s practically free! Let battle recommence!

A quick question – who wants to die from carbon monoxide poisoning? The correct answer of course, is no one, with the possible exception of BBC 6 Music’s fog-gobbed horrorcaster George Lamb.

So it’s probably in your best interests to stock up on a rinky-dinky FireAngel carbon monoxide poisonous gas alarm. They’re usually £20 but have been spotted for only £4.89. Just don’t email [email protected] to tell him. Email to tell him he’s a cock instead.

Finally, if you live in the vicinity of Legoland, here’s a deal that will keep on giving throughout the summer and beyond. It might also induce hallucinatory episodes leading you to believe that everywhere you look is Lego. All the time. Woah.

It’s for a child’s season ticket at the Windsor-based theme park for only £10 (normally £53). If that’s not a deal we don’t know what is. Show your gratitude by filling in this short BBC 6 Music survey and urge the station to show George Fucking Lamb the door to Radio One.

(deals found by boothy, deiter and Monaco Blue)


  • Robin
    Could you enlighten those of us not down with the kids at BBC 6 Music what Mr Lamb has done to deserve such a public ribbing? :)
  • bernard b.
    George Lamb is Marmite. Personally I find him amusing. Each to their own.
  • Uptheblues
    The Monoxide Alarms are older stock with a bar code ending 0332. The new stock still scans at £20 ish.
  • Allen
    " buggery in public "..... What sort of site is this?
  • Tom P.
    ” buggery in public “….. What sort of site is this? Sound a bit GAY
  • Mike
    Doesnt sound at all gay to me. You sound a bit homophobic. Free mac? FOR FREE?
  • Geoff
    Robin, Lamb is the mockney chancer tool who wished unpleasant death on Ray Davies, threatened to ruin a band's career on air and has made sundry other mysogonistic, inflammatory proclamations. 6Music was never intended for the 'kids'. But the late, unlamented Lesley Douglas seemed to want to turn it that way. Try Marc Riley, Gideon Coe, Stuart Maconie or Guy Garvey (of Elbow) for an idea of what the station can do when it's not in the hands of Lamb and his performing monkey posse.
  • zeddy
    Has that guy Lamb got a double barrel name? If so, it's quite cool.

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