Hot and dirty quick deal alert - PSP Go just £199.99 at Tesco

This is the best price we've seen it at so we thought we'd get it to you right away. While the yanks will enjoy the new PSP go for just $249.99, the UK/European price has been set closer to £250. Most outlets have reduced this to around £225, but Tesco have made the PSP Go available on pre-order for £199.99 - that's a 20% discount on the RRP.

The PSP Go isn't on sale until October 2nd so there's a while to wait - unless you're visiting the US any time soon there's unlikely to be a better deal on price, so get them while they're piping hot, kids.


  • Alan
    Remember, Tesco do take the money at time of preorder. If you want to cancel your preorder, they will then refund you. So, make sure you have the dosh first!
  • me
    mann thats a lot of dosh for a hand held! Me thinks this will end up like the psp and not be particularly successful (at least when compared to the likes of the gameboy and DS)
  • Chris F.
    it IS the PSP, just without the ability to actually play any PSP games off disc, it's download only. absolutely, utterly useless and pointless piece of kit.
  • Alice C.
    yeah but it looks good and it'll put you in the red, an iphone owners wet dream. (tossers)

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