Half-price food in London at PizzaExpress today

Bitterwallet - Pizza ExpressIt's an obvious marketing gimmick for sure, but it obviously worked during the last strike on the London Underground - PizzaExpress are offering 50% off the food bill today. As long as you don't think about it too hard, it makes some sort of sense. If you do think about it for any length of time, you'll wonder how a tube strike stops commuters buying lunch if they're already in central London.

Regardless, it's a small saving to enjoyed on an otherwise miserable day - Leslie Nielsen's died, for crying out loud.

The offer is valid at any PizzaExpress within the M25 except for for a handful in Richmond, Westfield London, London Barrett St, the O2, Earls Court Exhibition Hall and the PizzaExpress Jazz Clubs, whatever fresh hell they are. Just fill in the form and mention the code before asking for your bill.


  • brian
    you don't even need to put in your real details. Awesome
  • Leslie N.
    I put OJ Simpson and it worked for me.
  • Aelynn
    The same offer is available at Chez Gerard, if anyone is bothered. It's on their website under "Offers".

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