Free beer now! But hurry - they're going fast


EDIT: Sorry kids, all the free beer has now GONE.

We’re not going to mess about here, because they’re going fast but you can get some FREE BEER NOW if you and five mates fill in your details and sign up to host your own big daft beer party via the Home Draught site.

So stop reading this and do it now.


  • kev
    epic fail, you gotta give them your mobile number, effectively giving them free reign to text-spam you for the rest of your life and you have to get 5 mates in on it too, who won't be your mates any more once they get the above mentioned text-spam
  • maxtweenie
    That's alright Kev, I just gave them your number instead of mine.
  • Ted S.
    Kev's coming to my party. Beeyatches.
  • Dan
    Damn. only just saw this, managed to sign up 4 times then they all ran out. F***
  • Andy D.
    Ten pints of Grolsch coming my way. I'll let you know in due course how bothered I am by any spam texts I might get (if in fact there are any)
  • Jack
    Damn, didnt get to it in time. Looks good, a bit like the Heineken kegs, but less messy by the looks of things, however Heinken is much nicer. Anyone know what the prices are like?
  • Ryan...
    Was thinking about it, then realised you actually had to be 18 to claim it
  • thisgruntled
    This was news when it was repeatedly posted on HUKD over the weekend. Each time it appeared it was deleted with no explanation........
  • Mike H.
    10 pints of piss? No ta.
  • maxtweenie
    Party Six for the 21st Century. Mmmmm!
  • toby
    I got one (grolsch), hooray!

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