Deals Of The Day - Wednesday 30th November

la-noire-xbox-three-discs-0 If you’ve hung on and avoided buying the year’s big games when they’ve been released at full price, now is the time for you to swoop in and clean up, with many of them being slashed in price ahead of Christmas.

Yesterday, we brought you the chronically-reduced Rage and today’s best buy is LA Noire, the retro detective epic. The Xbox 360 version of it is now down to only £10.00 – well worth a punt, even if this correspondent struggled with it, spending ten minutes trying to get into the car outside the police station before running amok on the streets, totaling the jalopy and racking up a number of senseless deaths. Back to Horace Goes Skiing for me…


*  Limited edition AC/DC Black Ice CD with copious extras and freebies galore – only £11.95.

*  The Nintendo 3DS console – finally under £100 and yours for £99.99.

*  Free vouchers are back at Argos

* A lovely basket of garden bulbs for only £4.99 delivered.

* A personalised mug for FREE (with just £1.99 p&p)

*  A Samsung 40” full HD LCD telly – get it in your home for just £323.99.

*  A GHD IV Mark 4 hair styler and straightener – get it on your head for only £82.50.

All that and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...


  • Dick
    The second "Noire" post in a row. Racist.
  • Milli T.
    Not to mention AC/DC Black Ice, obviously they have something about bisexual Afro-Caribbeans!!!!!

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