Deals Of The Day - Wednesday 30th May

steamhackcheck_131245117713_640x360 The summer is almost upon us, and so what better time could there be for us to get online and download a huge bunch of reduce-priced games on to our computers? After all, it’ll probably rain for most of the next three months so we’ll need something indoorsy to do.

There’s a mahoosive list of indie games that can be had for not many pennies at at the moment at Steam. It’s been compiled by for us by avid HotUKDeals user Macdory. There’s some great-sounding titles in there, such as Data Jammers, Zombie Driver, Serious Sam, Gish as well as big hits like World Of Goo and, erm, The Baconing, which we believe is about a city where all of the occupants are slowly turned into replicas of Kevin Bacon, before being cooked and eaten. We’re off now to smash our high score on The Binding Of Isaac…


• Star Wars: The Complete Saga (9 Blu-ray discs) – only £42.49 delivered with code

• 40-inch Samsung full HD 1080p Smart LED TV with built-in wi-fi – only £479.99.

• HIS HD 7850 2GB GDDR5 – yours for £159.99.

• 1.5TB Intenso external hard drive – only £64.99.

• Motorola DEFY Mini (Sim-free smartphone) – only £81.95.

• Sony 3D Movie Bundle (3D player, two pairs of glasses and five 3D films) – all for £124.50.

• Lost Complete 1-6 (Blu-ray box set) – only £43.07.

• Various tech deals – all from 99p.• Prototype 2 (Xbox 360/PS3) – only £20.75.

All those and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...


  • Mike H.
    Woooooooooooooooooooooo! Andy, some class deals there! Looks like some unemployed dole scrounging cunt who set fire to 6 of his 17 (yes, 17) own children while they slept, then proceeded to weep at the police appeal as if it was someone elses fault, has dropped his shitty little shopping list whilst pretending to help his burning children, then donating one of the kids organs in a deparate attempt to look human. I'm sure he'll spend the donations wisely on all this clobber. It's always the fucking parents! So fuck you for all the doubters. Mike Hock - Abusive | Offense | Truthful
  • Mike H.
    That ^ shut you the fuck up didn't it?

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