Deals Of The Day: Wednesday 27th March

Anytime anyone mentions Doctor Who, it is nigh-on impossible to avoid being earwormed with 'Doctorin' The Tardis' by The KLF's 'Timelords' guise. And now, you're earwormed with it too. The only thing that removes that earworm is 'The Birdie Song'. And hopefully you're now earwormed with that.

You're not here to be annoyed by catchy novelty records. You want a deal. And there just happens to be a deal on Doctor Who stamps thanks to the Royal Mail, which you can see here. This should prompt you into a full blown argument about who is the best Doctor, or indeed, whether Doctor Who is a crock or not.

There's more deals too!

There's a powerful deal if you're after a 32GB USB stick, yours for £11.99

If you need a new telly, then CostCo have a decent price on a 46 inch LED TV Samsung set for under £500, delivered.

Gamers should check out the price for the Xbox 360 version of Halo 4, going for just over £17.

If you're after a starter MP3 player for someone, then the SanDisk 4GB Clip Zip device might suit you, especially at just over £25.

A good price on a 3TB hard-drive for under a hundred quid, available here.

The ace Saints Row The Third: The Full Package on PS3 is going £13.69 if you're quick

For a measly £8, you can snag Blade Runner Steelbook from Sainsbury's

If the other television set didn't do it for you, have a look at this 42 inch 3D LED TV by LG, for £379.99.

If you're after a HTC One with 500 mins, unlimited texts and data, uSwitch have a great deal worth looking at.

As ever, there are more bargains to be had over at HotUKDeals…

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