Deals Of The Day - Wednesday 20th March

It’s been revealed that sales of the Nintendo Wii U console have been more sluggish than a slug that’s trying to run a marathon while wearing hobnail boots and carrying a backpack filled with tiny bricks. Oh yes, pretty sluggish.

So what can Nintendo do if the Wii U is to be salvaged and taken seriously as a games console? Why they’ll need to slash the price of course! The signs are that it could be happening already – here’s the weightier 32GB version of the Wii U for you, and as it comes with Super Mario Bros U, you might not need to fork out for any other games for a while. All yours for just £255 if you’re feeling brave…


• Apple iPad Mini (16GB, wi-fi, black) – just £255.55 (or maybe less)

• Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection – yours for £12.49.

• Leggings - £1.98 delivered.

• Acer Revo L80 Nettop PC (4GB/7GB) – only £169.98.

• Morrisons Chinese takeaway meals (350g) - half price at £1.75.

• Toy Story 1-3 (Blu-ray) – just £15.30.

• Barracuda Vantos men’s road bike (22") – only £100.27.

• One-way BA flights to European destinations - just £39.00.

• Preorder Bioshock Infinite & get Bioshock, Bioshock 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown & Industrial Revolution Pack – just £29.99.

• On Networks PL2000-199UKS 200MBPS powerline adapter kit – just £18.99.

• Ticket for Real Madrid match with two-night hotel stay and city tour – only £99.00.

All those and more can be found over at HotUKDeals... 

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