Deals Of The Day - Wednesday 14th December

veho Are you one of those annoying little wretches who enjoys sitting on public transport and listening to your favoured ‘music’ through the built-in speaker in your mobile, automatically enraging your fellow passnegers? If so, you’re scum.

But here’s some great news for you – you can now play your grime, dubstep, hip house, feather rock and garibaldi pop EVEN LOUDER than before, causing more heartache for commuters and massively increasing your chances of being punched squarely in the throat. That’s thanks to the Veho 360 portable rechargeable speaker that could give you up to eight hours of solid noise from a single charge. The price? A mere £5.00 delivered.


*  Saints Row The Third for Xbox360 and PS3 for only £19.99 from tomorrow.

* A variety of games from for only £10.00 apiece.

*  Official Kelly Brook 2012 calendar for only £3.49.

*  Western Digital 2TB hard drive for only £79.98.

* A Pioneer Blu-ray writer – just £65.98.

* A 4-film ‘superhero’ DVD box set for only £2.99.

* Skyrim for the PC – only £19.99 delivered.

* The Humble Bundle #4 – a package of games at a ‘pay what you want' price.

* 1GB pre-loaded micro-sim cards from 3 – perfect for iPads and iPhones and just £3.50 each.

All that and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...

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  • Mike H.
    I don't like to offend people on trains, so I listen to my Far-right, Neo-Nazi punk on my headphones.

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