Deals of the Day: Tuesday 5th July 2014

PF-halifax-sign-2_1383848c Want a £100 for doing very little? Want to annoy at least one bank in the process? Well, you can ditch your current bank and switch to Halifax and they'll give you a hundred quid which you can spend on drugs or ninja stars or whatever it is you like.

Of course, there's going to be stipulations and all that, but this is worth looking into if you like being given a hundred quid and find yourself unhappy with your current bank. Have a look here.


Alicia Keys - The Diary Of Alicia Keys 99p Album of the Week @ Google Play
Bosch pyrolytic multifunction single oven - was £678, now £279!
Grixx USB 3.0 flash-drive 128gb for £29.99
6 issues of Cosmo for £6 with free gift worth £35
Tomb Raider definitive edition PS4 for £23.99
Weber one touch original 57cm barbecue for £44
White PS4 with Drive Club for £353
Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 for £2.96 and Earthworm Jim 3D for £1.77
Seagate 1.5tb seagate portable hard-drive USB3 for £49.98
Dell XPS 8700 i7 3.9ghz 32gb ram 3tb hdd 256gb ssd 2gb amd radion r9 270 yours, £809.10
Call of Duty: Ghosts season pass PS4 £11.99 delivered
Mass Effect 3:  special edition Wii U for £6.46
Samsung 840 evo 1tb ssd £289.99 free delivery


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  • Alexis
    Switching banks is ok if you're happy ditching your £1500 overdraft for a tiddly £250 or something

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