Deals Of The Day - Tuesday 20th November

The price of hard drives has been quite high of late – apparently there was a reason for it but we’ve forgotten what it is now. Something to do with the Moon or a shortage of dog food in the southern hemisphere.

Never mind though, as it looks as though the prices seem to be coming down again, handily just in time for you to stick some additional storage on your Christmas list. Here’s a 3TB desktop hard drive from Buffalo that is just £99.99 at the moment. That’s ample room for you to store of all your ‘legally acquired stuff’, and it comes in a glossy black finish so that it’s lovely to both look at AND stroke.


• X-Men The Last Stand (Blu-ray) – only £3.10.

• Day Watch (Blu-ray) – just £2.72.

• Driver San Francisco (PC download) – yours for £2.37.

• 24 rolls of Triple Velvet toilet tissue – half price at £7.00 (£6.50 with coupon).

• Baileys 70cl (all flavours) – only £8.00.

• Tefal ActiFry low-fat electric fryer (1kg capacity) – just £89.99.

• Tomb Raider Collectors Edition (Xbox 360/PS3) – just £59.15.

• Orange Panther (12-month SIM-only) – just £10.50 p/m with potential cashback.

• £25 iTunes voucher – only £20.00.

• Samsung 27" LED monitor (full HD, 2ms, HDMI/VGA) – £209.99 delivered.

• The Complete Matrix Trilogy (Blu-ray, region-free) – only £9.75.

• Xbox Live 14 months (MW3-branded) – only £15.00. 

• Spec Ops: The Line – just £4.00 with code.

• Samsung smart TV wireless dongle – down to £23.96.

All those and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...


  • Her L.
    Come on Andy, let's not belittle natural disasters such as the floods in Thailand where people lost their lives, homes and livelihoods. Please stick to mocking toy and games manufacturers and their email correspondence with imaginary six-year olds.
  • Mugwump
    The Dancer's right!
  • Mugwump
    ..."Show Girl" even. D'oh!
  • Her L.
    S'ok Mugwump, the sentiment was there.
  • w0nKeY H.
    I used to have tins and tins of dog food in my cupboards, and I don't even own a dog.
  • Brazilian H.
    Great deals :-)

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