Deals Of The Day - Tuesday 17th January

zippo Have you actually BEEN outside yet today? Holy hell, it’s colder than a witch’s tit out there! How are we actually meant to stand outdoors without turning into some kind of actual living ice sculpture? Here’s how.

Get yourself on to ‘The Internet’ and part with just £10.79 – soon you’ll be the owner of a fully-operational hand warmer fashioned from heat and metal by the good people at Zippo. They know about this stuff. Turn it on, bung it between your hands and it might even save your life. If you’ve got a friend (unlikely we know), you can get two of these heaty miracles for only £18.00.


*  Refurbished 16GB iPad 2 with Wi-fi for only £339.

*  BulletStorm for the Xbox 360 for just £7.49.

*  A bottle of 35 South Cabernet Sauvignon - down from £5.99 to just £2.48.

*  A car battery charger – only £12.99.

*  Milky madness - 300g of Nesquik powder now only £1.00.

* A Nano Edimax USB wireless adapter – only £8.99.

*  A long list of current grocery deals at Morrisons.

*  A PC download of the Dreamcast Collection – only £2.84.

*  Packets of Jammie Dodgers – normally £1.15 each, now down to 50p

All that and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...


  • Mr F.
    Urm, someone is copy and pasting someone: I call internet plagiarism on this!
  • RTFS
    Umm...does it count as plagiarism when it's the same person posting the article on two websites which are both operated by the same company??
  • Mr F.
    you mean, these people have real jobs?
  • Mike H.
    No one is going to pay them for this drivel!

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