Deals of the Day: Tuesday 16th February 2016

deals of the day2016 Are you looking for a cheap phone? Do you need a back-up one because you're really clumsy? Or have you been trying to look hard by telling everyone you're a dealer, and need a new mobile to back this up?

Well, you can get your mitts on a Vodaphone Smart First 6 for the paltry sum of £15! Not bad eh? You could buy a few and stock up, if that's your thing. Anyway, if you want in on the deal, as usual, click here.


Fallout 4 (PS4) with franchise book and soundtrack for £28.77
KTM RC 125 reduced from £4,449 to £2,999!
Pizza of the day - any size - online only, for £7.99
Baked in-store cookies x5 for 50p at Asda
Kingston 16gb USB 2.0 USB drive with metal casing for £2.97
IKEA 'swipe a surprise' is back! See here
Alium 3-seater swing seat for the garden, for £32.99
Phil Smith 2000w hair-dryer with diffuser - half price, now £5


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