Deals of the Day - Tuesday 15th April 2014

watchdogs Sitting on your arse all day, playing video games, is one of the most noble pursuits a human can indulge in. Lock yourself away from tedious people taking photos of their cats or blithering on about their godawful running regimes in favour of a universe of fantasy and, ultimately, the kind of ultra-violence that allows you to de-stress from all those online dunderheads.

And one game everyone is getting a bit excited about is Watch Dogs. In the game, you play a hacker who is out to smash the system, maaan. It's all futuristic and bleak and has guns. Should be ace. You can pre-order it on the cheap for Xbox One or PS4 for £32 using £10 off code. If that fails, click the deal anyway as there is still money off to be had.


The Toxic Bundle (11 Steam Games) £3.59 @ Bundle Stars
Tomb Raider GOTY (Steam) £5.00 with code @ GMG
GMG PC Game Deals - STEAM - inc Sleeping Dogs £3.74 (Ltd - £4.49), LEGO Lord of the Rings - £4.49, LEGO BATMAN 1 - £2.49 2 - £4.99, Scribblenauts Unlimited - £3.74 Unmasked - £5.74, Mortal Kombat - £6.24, Injustice Ultimate - £9.99, F.E.A.R. & more
Persona 4 Golden PS Vita £18.49 @ Gameseek
Frostfire Bright LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light for £10.99
Touch 2.4GHz Ultra Mini HTPC Backlit Wireless Keyboard £10.80 (+£2.99 p&p) - CCL
The Witcher £1.18, The Witcher 2 £2.38, Heroes Of Might & Magic £1.48, Heroes Of Might & Magic 2 Gold £1.48, Heroes Of Might & Magic 3 Complete £1.48, Blackguards £13.44 (PC). Click here for more.
RHA MA350 in-ear headphones £19.99 @ Amazon
Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag (Steam) £11.93 @
Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY - £2.49 / Batman Arkham City GOTY - £4.99 / Batman Arkham Origins (with Season Pass - £9) / Batman Arkham Origins BLACKGATE - £7.49 [PC - STEAM] @ GMG + 10% off / 20% code. Here's the deal
21.5" LED TV and DVD Combi MEDION® LIFE® Available @ Aldi Monday 21st April £119.99


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