Deals Of The Day - Tuesday 14th May

ku-xlarge The sun. One day it will explode and destroy us all, along with our stuff. But that day is some way off, so for now, let’s just suck as much life out of it as we possibly can.

For example, we can use it to power this, a solar-powered charger that will in turn charge our beautiful devices when we’re away from a conventional power supply. Amazingly, it’s only £12.99 too. Be warned though – most of the commenters on the HotUKDeals thread are suggesting that it’ll be a load of old crap. Ah well, you can’t win ‘em all…


• Samsung Series 5 37" 1080 HD LED TV – only £290.99.

• Metro 2033 (PC) – just £2.40.

• Stamp duty paid up to £2,500 (Halifax) – 3.24% 2-yr fix mortgage, fee free.

• Call of Duty games (pre-owned) - £4.99 delivered.

• Bulletstorm (PS3/360) – only £3.99.

• Overnight stay incl dinner, wine and breakfast at Stonefield Castle, Scotland - £99 (instead of up to £244).

• Orcs Must Die! 2 (complete bundle) – yours for £4.75.

• 120 Elvis Presley Hits (MP3) - just £2.49.

• PlayStation Vita 32GB memory card – only £54.99 with free FIFA.

All those and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...

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