Deals Of The Day - Tuesday 13th March

trainspotting Remember the mid-1990s? The ongoing battle between Blur and Oasis? Eric Cantona kung fu-kicking his way around the Premiership grounds of England? And the heroin? Oh, the HEROIN!

It all seems a little foolish now but back then, we were literally ALL aping that amazing opening scene from Trainspotting, sprinting along high streets away from store detectives, on our way to our latest ‘fix’, while incanting something about choosing life and a great big television. Now you can crank up the Iggy Pop and relive those glory days by nabbing the Collectors Edition of Trainspotting on Blu ray for a piffling £5.77. You won’t get much smack for that these days…


* Tune in Radio Pro for Android - only 20p.

* Rage Anarchy Edition (PS3) - just £7.98.

* 50% off Konami Sale on Xbox Marketplace.

* Akira Steelbook Blu-ray – only £8.49

* Origin Spring Sale – PC games at half price.

* Free under-10's season ticket at Crystal Palace for 2012-13.

* Dexter seasons 1-5 DVD box set – only £34.49.

* Bluetooth USB – only £1.00.

* Extended battery and cover for Samsung Galaxy S II - £16.63 delivered.

All those and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...


  • Mike H.
    Trainspotting special edition blu-ray, directors cut comes with a spoon, foil and lighter. I haven't got a fucking clue why though.
  • DiscountCrack
    We can enlighten you for only £10 Mike. For a strictly limited period you get a surprise bonus.

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