Deals of the Day: Tuesday 13th January 2015

deals of the day You look like the kind of person who has a mobile telephone that can be best described as 'a disgrace'. What have you been doing with it? Using it to cut up sausages? Wiping your undercarriage with it?

Well, you need a new phone, and you should check out this ace deal where you can get a Google LG Nexus 4 (8GB, refurb) which is SIM free and will set you back a very reasonable £75.38. You'll need a code, which you can get here.


Sony H300 digital compact camera for £99.99
12% Expedia hotel bookings. Check the deal here.
Kingston 64GB micro USB flash drive for £15.99
Nexus 6 T-Mobile from Tesco £29.99 p/m 500 mins unlimited texts and data.
Apple Macbook air 11 inch laptop for £620
Two £25 PlayStation wallet vouchers for £40!
Xbox Live 12 months £35.99 with code


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  • JonB
    The link for the phone goes to a hard drive deal...

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