Deals of the Day: Tuesday 10th June 2014

suit Suits are great aren't they? You walk around feeling like James Bond, or maybe king of the mods... or one of the Blues Brothers. They're great for job interviews, convincing a judge you're not a complete scumbag, weddings and, of course, dirty roleplay.

And you can grab a Ted Baker suit for a measly £99 with today's deal of the day. That's £175 off! For a couple of extra quid, you could take it down to a tailors, so it fits your arse real nice. For gods sake though, please don't wear it with some Converse. Have a look at the deal here.


BrassEye DVD (full series and 'Special') for £4.99
A whole litre of Bombay Sapphire Gin for £18
Zoostorm Desktop PC i3 4130 with Windows 8.1 £229.98 @ ebuyer
Battlefield 4 (PS3/X360) £12.99 Delivered
Humble Bundle's E3 Digital Ticket 60p
Amex+Foursquare - New deal - Argos £10 back for £30 spend
Samsung 46in WideScreen Full HD 3D 1080p Smart 3D LED TV with Built-In Wi-Fi and Freeview HD + Includes 2 pairs of 3D glasses. Yours for £499.99
LG 42in 3D LED Smart TV 1080p HD Freeview HD @ Richer Sounds down from £499.95 to £399.95
Place a £10 bet on Betfair and get £26 Quidco cashback!
Kasabian - Kasabian Album 99p on Google Play Store
Asus MemoPad HD ME173 7" Android Tablet £79.98 @ Ebuyer


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