Deals Of The Day - Thursday 8th December

star wars For today’s top deal, we’re heading back into the dark, distant past, to a collection of movies that gripped us as youngsters and have refused to let go ever since. No, we’re not talking about the Porky’s series.

We refer of course to Star Wars, and as sure as Tauntaun eggs are Tauntaun eggs, when a new movie-watching format comes out, George Lucas will spend a couple of years dicking about with the original films before reissuing them and raking in even more cash. That’s what’s happened recently, with the Star Wars collection coming out of Blu-ray. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, maybe a £43.00 price tag might tempt you. Be quick though – there’s only 2500 available at that price!


* Bastion on Steam – only £3.83.

*  Free delivery from Wilkinsons until Sunday. Us it to get this 1KG bar of Dairy Milk for only £5.62.

* The complete Harry Potter collection on Blu-ray – only £30.00.

* Resistance 3 on the PS3 for just £15.99.

*  50% off any pizza at Dominos today.

* Xbox 360 wireless black controller - £17.99 for today only.

* A 16GB SDHC micro memory card for only £10.98.

* The Quentin Tarantino Collection on Blu-ray for only £20.00

All that stuff and more can be found over at HotUKDeals....

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