Deals of the Day: Thursday 5th March 2015

deals of the day Fancy a trip to Norway, where the people seem to be almost entirely lovely and the scenery is so nice that you might find yourself walking around, steadily sobbing down the front of your jumper? What do you mean you walk around crying all the time, regardless?

Anyway, we've spied a deal which is really great, where you can get return flights to Norway for as little as £13.98. That's less than a new album release. That's the price of a ironic burger from a posh bar! Have a look at the deal here.


Toaster that does 2 slices of toast and your egg and beans at the same time, for £29.99
Wolfestein: Old Blood on PS4/PC for £13.85
Huge Steam sale for you gamers!
Gillette Fusion Proglide razor-blades, pack of 8 for £10.97
Duracell portable USB charger - only 99p
Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for £19
Samsung 40" smart LED 3D TV for £349.99
5TB hard drive for £119.99


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