Deals Of The Day - Thursday 5th April

nokia-lumia-710-official The bank holiday weekend is approaching and the shopkeepers are readying themselves for the traditional ker-chinging of their tills at our expense. Quite rightly, they’re wheeling out the bargains with which to tempt us.

Top of the pile right now seems to be the Nokia Lumia 710 – the smartphone that can be yours on a Pay As You Go basis for only £139.95, with a £10 top-up thrown in to get you started. That’s a paltry amount of money when you think about it – a world of possibilities in the palm of your hand for the price of eight steak dinners. Hold on, steak dinners…. we’re just off to have a bit of a think about this.


* Samsung Galaxy 8.9 (16GB) tablet – only £249.00.

*  8ft trampoline and enclosure - just £49.94.

* PS Vita Wi-fi – just £179.99 delivered.

* Xbox 360 (250GB, matte black finish) – only £148.45.

* Serano S105BG09 TV stand (for up to 42" televisions) – down from £84.99 to £16.97.

*  72 condoms for only £9.99.

* Plextor PX-B120U external slim Blu-ray player – only £29.97.

* Sims 3 (Nintendo 3DS) – just £4.95 delivered.

* Clarity credit card from Halifax. No cash withdrawal fee, no balance transfer fee.

* SanDisk 64GB mobile ultra micro SDXC – yours for £45.39.

* Anchorman (2-disc extended Blu-ray) – only £5.97.

* Motorola Milestone 2 – just £169.99.

* Cheap coach fares all over Europe from London.

All those and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...


  • Alan's m.
    Some chav's shopping list?
  • Mike H.
    That reads like some chav's... hey?
  • Mary H.
    Reads like the shopping list of a 1 legged, reclusive, spastic, transgender, socially reassigned dyslexic moron with aids and a recent breast augmentation operation that has gone horribly wrong... where was I?
  • Graeme
    Can anyone else see the penis in that picture?

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