Deals of the Day - Thursday 31 October 2013


With all this wearisome weather and horrendous humans knocking about, you couldn't be blamed for wanting to batten down the hatches and ignore everything until Christmas, where you're at least allowed to be drunk, constantly.

So, if you're burrowing away, you might want something to entertain you to stop your brain from turning into mushy peas. With that, how about a brand new Playstation 4? John Lewis are flogging them for £349.95 and you can order one here.


If that PS4 offer wasn't for you, you can get a PlayStation 4 with the Killzone Shadow Fall Bundle. £396.98 delivered.

Fancy watching the '90s Total Recall film? Get the Ultimate Rekall Edition on Blu Ray for £5.00.

2 Cineworld tickets for Elysium, with 2 drinks and some popcorn for £10.00. Fancy that?

Need an extension lead? It'll control your surges, is 2 metres long and is black. It is also £3, delivered.

Super Mario 3D World for the Nintendo Wii U. Yours for £35.99

Harry Potter - The Complete Collection on Blu Ray for £24.95

Had a hankering for Shinobi on the 3DS? With free delivery, you can have it for £2.95

I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream (Steam) and loads more for 65p!

Lego Batman: The Movie. You can have it on Blu Ray for £8

250gb Xbox 360 console and controller, headset, Fifa 14 and more for £159.99.

Farscape The Definitive Collection Blu Ray going for £34.95

All that and many more deals over at HotUKdeals...

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