Deals Of The Day - Thursday 2nd February

turin We’re never afraid to point you in the direction of low-priced audio-visual goodies around these parts, but we’re pretty negligent when it comes to providing you with something to sit on while you’re feasting your eyes and ears.

Let’s put that to a stop RIGHT NOW. For the meagre outlay of only £99.99, your room of choice could be transformed into somewhere that Hugh ‘Hugh’ Hefner might deem worthy of inhabitation. It’s the Turin recliner chair, and has a tall, well padded back and a filled in chaise footrest, “for the ultimate in comfort” (it says here). Just imagine yourself nestling in its luxurious bosom and enjoying an episode of Emmerdale, eh? Just like Hefner.


*  Football Manager Handheld 2012 (iOS devices) – down to just £2.99.

*  Various flowers for £4.90 delivered.

* U-Draw for the PS3 or Xbox360 – only £23.97 delivered.

* A Samsung 40" Full HD 1080P TV (LE40D503) with free delivery and a 5-year warranty – only £349.95.

* An LG IPS225V 22-inch Advanced High Performance IPS widescreen monitor – yours for just £99.99 delivered.

* Cineworld Unlimited card for £116 (£140 West End) and individual tickets for Odeon/Cineworld/Vue/Showcase/Empire cinemas from £4 each (child from £3).

* Pre-order a PlayStation Vita, with a 4GB memory card, FIFA 12, and £25 of Morrisons vouchers for £250.

*  Four (pre-owned) games for £20 from Blockbuster.

* Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (Wii) – just £8.97.

All those and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...


  • Mike H.
    Does that version of Football Manager, allow you to put your money into a secret Monaco bank account? And can you 'hide' payments linked to transfers of players, let's say Peter 'lanky twat' Crouch? And does all of that £2.99 go towards taxes? Because I'd rather pay too much tax, than not enough. Fucking ginger cunt.
  • Mike H.
    It seems there is a glitch in Football manager. If you manage Spurs and use the 'evade tax' option, the England manager has a paddy and quits. FIFA come after you for the job and miraculously all the tax charges you currently have pending get lifted! The judge is paid off, given a box and free England tickets for the next world cup and told to 'Shut the fuck up'. Weird.

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