Deals Of The Day - Thursday 26th September

flight sim We all LOVE flight simulator games, right? But it’s not quite as realistic as it could be when we’re sitting on an office chair, sofa or bean bag while we’re playing them.

No, it’d be much better if we could sit in a proper pilot’s chair, with a built-in joystick. It’d be better still if it MOVED, along with your pretend on-screen aeroplane. It’d be just like being an actual pilot, except you could do it drunk as well. Which is totally what actual pilots don’t do. Get yourself a piece of the imaginary airborne action for only £99.95.


• Nexus 7 (2nd gen, 2013, 16GB) – only £179.00.

Up to 6p off petrol & up to 4p off diesel.

• New Xbox360 (250GB) with FIFA 14 – just £132.00.

• The Matrix Trilogy Blu-ray Boxset – now £9.00.

• New Android Humble Bundle (four games) – pay what you want.

• Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (PC) – yours for £3.87.

• Heavy duty, SIM-free mobile phone for builders – just £39.99.

• Wireless mini keyboard with touchpad (for media centres) – only £12.99.

• 12-month Xbox Live Gold membership - instant delivery for £26.90.

• Wonderbook Book of Spells (PS3) – £8.99 delivered.

• Individual Jak & Daxter games – free forever (Plus subs only).

• Lego Minifig 8GB USB flash drive & Lego AM/FM radio – now just £7.19 each.

All those and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...

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