Deals Of The Day - Thursday 24th May

24 May 2012

gta3_ios_th_220919142202_640x360 Everything’s getting smaller and simpler these days. Remember when Grand Theft Auto III first came out? It would have set you back about £35 and you’d need to sit in your house and in front of your telly in order to play it.

Not these days. Now that we’re locked in to 2012, you can download it to your phone or tablet thing and play away wherever you might be at any given time. Yes, you can be mowing down pretend civilains and blasting prostitutes in the head on the bus, at the market or in the communal changing area at your local swimming pool. Better still, right now, the iOS version of GTA III has been SLASHED in price to only 69p, a staggering 80% off. The Android version is a slightly-less-acceptable 76p. A bit steep, but we still think it’s worth it. Play nicely and don’t attempt to copy anything you see on your tiny screen.


• Everybody's Golf, Modnation Racers And Reality Fighters (PS Vita) – £11.99 each.

•  Two Cineworld 2D tickets for £8, two 3D tickets for £10.

• Crucial M4 128GB SSD – now down to just £79.99 delivered.

• Football Manager 2012 (PC/Mac) – only £6.77.

•  £5 off food orders at

• Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 book: The Complete Guide for Photographers – just 1p.

•  Heinz tomato ketchup - 570g squeezy bottle. Was £1.95, now only 97p.

• Dead Island Game of the Year Edition – only £16.85.

£2.00 extra trade in @ HMV

• Lady Gaga - Fame CD - only £2.00.

•  3-pack of mixed peppers - in your face for just £1.00.

• Latest Apple iPad 16GB – £379.99 delivered.

• Wallace And Gromit: The Complete Collection (Blu-ray) – yours for only £6.02.

• Belkin N150 wireless cable router (Wireless N) – only £10.69 delivered.

All that and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...


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