Deals of the Day - Thursday 21 November 2013

21 November 2013

The Brick Technology is getting smaller and sleeker and it just isn't good enough. Once upon a time, our gadgets were huge enough to show off to everyone. Boomboxes the size of beer crates were carried on shoulders, computers needed separate tape decks and, of course, mobile phones were the size of house bricks.

With that, someone has designed a phone you can use now called The Brick which is painfully ‘80s and is cumbersome, loud and has, Snake and Bluetooth aside, bugger all in the way of features. And of course you want one. They've been going for nearly £50, but we've found a deal where you can get one for £29.95! Have a look at the deal here and go all Gordon Gekko.


2 Apartment video intercom door system with night vision LED! Now £54.85

£1 Quidco cashback for every collect plus parcel you send

Re-boxed BlackBerry Playbook 64gb 7inch Dual Core selling for £69.99

iPad Air WiFi, 16GB, black or white, £359 with code

Tesco direct ASUS Memo pad 16gb with memory card slot and the like. £69 with code

The Last of Us for PS3, yours for £20.90 including delivery

Western Digital Red 3TB £99.98 (free delivery)

Netgear 500MBPS Powerline Kit now only £24.99

Google Nexus 7 16GB - £129.99 (£117 after quidco) at Argos

Blazing Saddles on Blu-Ray yours for £4.99

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (La Fleur,White, Blue & Red), PAYG upgrade. Now £129.95 (£6.30 potential cashback £123.65)

All these great bargains and more over at HotUKDeals...

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  • Blake
    Uh? Was the second paragraph copy and pasted verbatim from Gizmodo's daily Dealmodo? That's not on.

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