Deals Of The Day - Thursday 19th January

Kindle If you haven’t taken every single book you’ve ever bought or been given, marched out into the garden with them and set them alight, then you’re just not the modernista that you think you are.

Yes baby, books are now completely and utterly over. It’s all about the e-reading these days, and there’s no smarter device out there than the Kindle, from Amazon. You might have heard of it Grandad? No? D’oh!

The problem with the Kindle is that its price is normally fixed and discounts are rare. Until today that is – with the help of a voucher from Tesco, you can nab yourself a Kindle for just £79.00. Now go and get that bonfire built – those stupid books won’t burn themselves.


* 24 Months 0% balance transfer @ Barclaycard.

* Spartacus – Gods Of The Arena (complete series on Blu-ray) £12.55 delivered.

*  1kg of onions for only 34p this weekend.

* iPad2 back again at £359.99.

* Panasonic Viera TX-L32U3B 32" full HD, Freeview HD, LCD TV with SD slot & IPS Panel - £279 delivered.

* Sega Rally Online PS3 £3.30 on PSN.

*  Taps from only £10.00 and with 20% off available.

* PS Vita Wi-Fi €244.06 Delivered (£203.03) from Amazon France

* Wireless keyboard & mouse - £10.99 delivered.

*  Box set of seasons 1-4 of 30 Rock for only £16.98.

* WWE 12 - Xbox 360 & PS3 – only £17.99

* Pure One Mi DAB Radio in black – only £19.00.

All that and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...


  • Charlie
    Picture is of the wrong Kindle...D'oh!
  • Mike H.
    Go fuck your momma Charlie, I've finished with her.
  • Charlie
    You win the internet. Well done.

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