Deals of the Day: Thursday 19th February 2015

deals of the day If you've been looking to buy a tablet so you can watch episodes of House of Cards while you're in the bath (prop it up on the toilet seat, don't be a dummy and hold it in your hands because you'll clearly drop it), then you should check this deal!

You can get a Samsung Galaxy TabPro (12.2" 32GB Wi-Fi) for £299! That's a very good price for a decent tablet. Of course, if you're Apple-Everything, this won't do it for you, but the rest of you, this is a good price for a nice bit of kit.


Acer Aspire XC 115 desktop PC for £99.99
Audio Technica ATH-M50X headphones for £89.99 with code
Samsung EVO 850 500GB SSD £148 delivered
Lenovo Thinkpad laptop for £238.45
Acer Aspire laptop for £449.99
Samsung M3 slimline 2TB USB 3.0 portable hard-drive for £64.99
HP Pavilion desktop PC with Beats Audio and more, for £323.99
Kingston HyperX savage 8gb for £46.99 or 16gb for £95.99
Ladies commuter bike - classic step-over frame for £47.95


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