Deals of the Day: Thursday 18th February 2016

deals of the day2016 If you've been thinking of getting Spotify, so you don't have to be bothered carting around all those CDs, or want an alternative to the raft of illegal downloads you've got... AND have been weighing getting Chromecast, here's a thing.

You can get a free Chromecast with Spotify premium (for 3 months) for £29.97. You have to be a new customer to Spotify, so make sure you set up a new email address first, eh? Anyway, to get on the deal, check here.


24 pack of Coca Cola for £4
Lenovo MIIX 10.1" laptop for £129.99
Breaking Bad - complete series on Blu-ray (with UV) for £29.83
Rise of the Tomb Raider for £20.89 using FB code
Amazon Fire TV gaming controller, scanning at £9.97
Updated - cheap days out for half term - here
Nintendo Wii U premium-pack with Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon for £199.99


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