Deals of the Day: Monday 9th March 2015

9 March 2015

deals of the day Looking at getting yourself a new phone? Do you need a second one because you're having an affair? Or would you just like to strap two mobiles to your head with gaffer tape, so you look really, really important?

Whatever the reason, you should definitely check this out. You can get a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for £29.99 up front and then £26.99 per month on EE with unlimited texts and 2GB of data. A decent phone for a decent price. Check out the deal here.


Apple Macbook Pro 13.3" with retina display for £879
Dance Central Spotlight Xbox One 99p with code
Game of Thrones - 7 books (Kindle edition) for £12.99
KnowHow (Three network) 1gb per month mobile broadband for 12-months for £24.99
Netgear 8-port gigabit ethernet switch (metal) £13.89 delivered
Nationwide 10 year fixed-rate mortgage at 2.79%
Sony Playstation One console bi-fold wallet for £14.99


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