Deals of the Day: Monday 9th February 2015

9 February 2015

deals of the day As Valentine's Day approaches, you might be thinking of declaring your love for someone or indeed, reminding someone that you love them and that you're not just someone who complains about work all the time while farting on the sofa.

Well, if your partner likes flowers, then say it with roses and Morrisons are going to be flogging 18 'luxury' red roses for £10. That's a bargain that will look like you've spend loads of money and that you're thoughtful, and not in fact someone who stole the idea from a sarcastic website.


Xbox Live 12-month gold membership for £22.79
4 pack of Duracell AA batteries for 10p
PS Vita Wifi for £49
Philips micro SDHC card class-10 32gb for £9.39
Bayoneta 2 Wii U now £27.49
Alanis Morissette's 'Jagged Little Pill' for 99p
Destiny on PS4 for £25
Rabbids Invasion Xbox One/PS4 for £11.88
Nile Rodgers presents Chic Organization: Up All Night (Disco Edition) for £1.99
Sony Bravia LED HD 1080p 3D smart TV with two pairs of 3D glasses for £679


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  • Mike H.
    Do you know, that looks like some chav piece of shit, has nipped into the pub for a post-jeremy-kyle- swift 10 pints of 'Carling' and dropped his fucking shopping list. What a twat.

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