Deals Of The Day - Monday 23rd January

walkman Sometimes we don’t need to be exposed to the white heat of forward-thinking technology. Sometimes it’s nice to bask in the warmth of a classic piece of gadgetry. So today we will.

For just £16.15, you can eschew the modern world and its mp3 players. Hell, you can even imagine that the portable CD player never happened. Instead, why not dig out some of your old music cassettes (or borrow some from your grandparents) and become ‘wired for sound’ all over again with a Sony Walkman. With over 200 million sold since 1979, you’re probably never very far away from a fellow Walkman-owner – a bit like that might-or-might-not-be-true statistic about London and rats. We’ve gone off-topic again haven’t we?


* Asus i5 X53E laptop - £388.98 delivered.

* Series one of Sherlock (BBC) on DVD for only £4.99.

* Satgear Sky/Freesat dish kit - only £19.95.

* Gears Of War 3 XBOX 360 for £19.99 delivered.

*  Kids backpacks in a range of characters from only £1.99.

* Nikon L120 back at £129.99 again.

* ASUS Slim DVD±RW drive (8x USB external) for £25.78.

*  1150W angle-grinder for only £17.99.

* 16 x 2900mah Ni-Mh AA batteries, with storage cases - £14.99.

* £15 John Lewis voucher for £1.00 with a Which? trial membership

* Black Nintendo Wii Console pre-owned – only £59.99.

* Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi (refurbished) - only £79.99.

* Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened version (Game and Elite) for just £49.99.

* Samsung SSG3100GB Active 3D glasses - less than half price at £19.99.

* PlayStation Move starter pack – only £29.86.

All that and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...

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  • Mike H.
    Them walkmans, they'll never take off them, as Kodak once said, them digital cameras? Pah, they'll never take off them.

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