Deals of the Day: Monday 20th October 2014

Xbox-360-Logo If you're not too fussed about being an early adopter and want a console that you can hook-up with all manner of things, and importantly, get a load of games on the cheap, then we've got just the thing for you to whittle your free time away while you work on your sofa's arse groove.

You can get an Xbox 360 in blue, with two free games, for a very reasonable £179.99! There's a lot of brilliant, modern classics to be played on a 360, and perfect if you're getting into gaming (warning: video games can ruin your life). Have a look at the deal here.


Acer Chromebook for £139
Complete Battlestar Galactica Blu Ray set for £29.69
Minecraft on the PS4 for £9.99 using code
5-string bluegrass banjo - was £281, now £130.53!
Super Mario 3D Land for £13.99
Hire a whole castle to yourself for £64 per night!
Sandisk 8GB Cruzer Blade USB flash drive five pack for £16.49
Moto G from Tesco Mobile PAYG for £60
Champion's League BOGOF tickets with Manchester City from £12.50
Free Chromecast deal when you get Wuaki TV for £24.99
Kindle Paperwhite for £100 (with £10 giftcard)


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