Deals of the Day: Monday 16th February 2015

deals of the day Ever wanted to visit Hong Kong? There, you can experience all those lovely Hong Kong things and meet people also stood in Hong Kong and... we're not sure what there is to do there, but it does look like a cool place.

Well, now's a great chance to go with this offer we've found, where you can get return flights for £294.96 per person for 12 nights! Get on the deal here. You'd be departing in November, so loads of time to save up cash for all those fun things to do in Hong Kong.


Britain's longest ever 0% interest balance transfer card
£42 PSN credit for £35.99
Xbox One in white, with Sunset Overdrive and Forza 5 for £260
White Nintendo 3DS XL with Super Mario 3D land for £99
Zoostorm desktop windows 8 500gb HD 4GB RAM Intel celeron for £139.99
Kitsound Ovation slim soundbar speaker with built-in subwoofer for £99
AMD APU a6 6400k black edition dual core 3 9ghz socket FM2 desktop processor for £34.20


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