Deals Of The Day - Monday 15th October

alarm Every day, we aim to bring you the finest tech and gadget offers that we can dredge up for you, but none of them will be of any use to you if you’re DEAD FROM CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING.

Hmm, that made you sit up and think a bit didn’t it. Perhaps you should stop wazzing away all your cash on games and bleepy toys and start investing in some death-prevention equipment. We recommend the Kidde 900-0230 BSI alarm.Not only does it sniff out nasty carbon monoxide, but it also has a digital display, which we assume will give you helpful messages such as ‘you’re not dead’ and ‘you’re still not dead’. It’s only £15.29 delivered – think about it, people…


• The complete Cheers (11-series DVD box set) - only £45.20 delivered.

• Samsung Galaxy S3 - yours for £360.00.

• Mission Impossible 1-4 box set (Blu-ray) – only £18.00.

• Google Nexus 7 (16GB) - only £179.95.

• Asura's Wrath (PS3/360) – just £12.95.

• Dawn of War II: Complete Collection (PC DVD) - £6.61 delivered.

• Acer Iconia A110 7" tablet – yours for £179.99 (possible £30 cashback)

• Integral 64GB USB flash drive – yours for £18.99.

• The Matrix Trilogy (Blu-ray) – only £9.99.

• Packard Bell imedia desktop PC – just £299.99.

• Superman Complete Collection (Blu-ray) - just £15.00.

• Playstation Essentials (PS3) – only £9.99.

• Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City (Xbox 360/PS3) - yours for £12.95.

• Motorola Xoom 2 (10.1" 16 GB wi-fi tablet) – £194.94 delivered.

• Rayman: Origins (PS Vita) – yours for £12.95.

All those and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...

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