Deals Of The Day - Monday 11th June

marvel Everyone wants to be a superhero, armed with amazing powers. Whether it be ability to see through the clothing of attractive people, the ability to clean a grimy window just by staring at it, or the power to cause Piers Morgan some kind of excruciating internal pain using the power of your mind and some tools, we’d all like a piece of the superhero action.

Which probably explains why the Marvel films are so popular with young and old, dead and alive. If you fancy filling your eyes, ears and general head with a sextet of them, you should pre-order the Marvel Blu-ray box set right now, while you can still get it for £34.99. It contains The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and something we’ve never heard of called The Avengers. Suppose it’ll be good enough to make up the numbers. Our superpower of choice? Having no grasp whatsoever of current cultural trends…


•  Fuel price cut at Asda - lowest for over a year.

• Samsung 40" full HD 1080p Smart LED TV – only £415.

• 64GB high-speed SDXC card – yours for £28.99.

• 6-disc Blu-ray box set (Gladiator, Bourne and more) – yours for £14.95.

• Ltd edition scarlet red PS3 320gb with two red Dualshock 3 controllers, Gran Turismo 5 - Platinum, Giotek Real Triggers and three months LoveFilm subscription – only £239.99.

• Avatar Collectors Edition Bluray 3-disc – just £8.00.

• Xbox Live 12-month Gold membership – only £26.99.

• Sonic Generations (Xbox/PS3) – only £9.95.

• Sony Tablet S 16GB WiFi – just £220.

• Pocket Etch-A-Sketch – only £4.00 delivered to store.

• Sony 32-inch widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D 100Hz Edge LED internet TV with Freeview HD - only £355.40 delivered.

• 16GB Playstation Vita card – just £29.95.

• Apple Mac Mini Core i5 (2011 model) – only £441.94 delivered.

• Sony Bravia 32 inch LCD TV 1080p HD-ready Freeview HD - just £269.95.

• Scarface: triple play Blu-ray – only £6.95.

• 32gb USB flash drive – just £10.99 delivered.

All those and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...


  • Spencer
    As someone pointed out... the fuel price drop is complete bollocks! The drop of 3p a litre relates to a reduction of 2% 2% ffs!! How is the hell is this a 'deal of the day?' "2% off sale starts tomorrow"....
  • Blake
    Fuel is an inelastic demand; it's highly atypical for fuel to go on sale.
  • Spencer
    I get that point... but what I'm saying is, ASDA reduce fuel by 2%... it's all over the forums, it's on news websites, it's on hotukdeals, it's a 'deal-of-the-day'.... If ASDA cut the price of a loaf of bread by 2p would anybody notice? A standard 50 litre fill up is going to save £1.50... I don't understand why that's newsworthy and gets the coverage it does...
  • Spencer
    And anyway, when you consider that the price of crude oil has dropped by almost 25% in the last 3 months... and we as consumers see a 2% price drop...
  • Spencer
    I didnt say that Mike... I said that a 2% discount on a product isnt newsworthy. Isnt really much of a deal at all (considering how much cheaper petrol is getting to produce)
  • Spencer
    Oh and by the way... that is how it works... if oil gets cheaper by the barrel... eventually so does petrol... what do you think sparked a 3p a litre drop?

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