Deals of the Day: Friday 4th March 2016

deals of the day2016 If you've been looking for a new laptop, for back-up, or because you dropped your old one in the bath while you were trying to watch Netflix while you got clean, you don't have to spend loads to get a new one!

You can get yourself a HP Chromebook, refurbed and good as new, for the excellent price of £99.99. It doesn't have MS Office on it, but it that's no concern to you, then get on the deal by clicking here.


2 large pizzas, garlic bread wedges, and 1.5l Pepsi for £20
Buy 2 x Nivea Creme for £2.30, and get a free gift-set worth £10
Xbox One 'Name Your Game' console bundle for £249.99
Michelin/Pirelli Pzero tyre-bargains for £70
50% off any one movie rental at Google Play - check here
Free 6 month gym membership when you buy a fitness-tracker for £99
Paul Divan bed with 2000 spring memory foam mattress for £299
Evga 850w G2 gold PSU for £99.99


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