Deals Of The Day - Friday 30th March

kobo-wh-smith We’re well into the era of the e-reader now – the ‘e-readera’ if you like. All across the land, millions of us are hurling our old books into the sea as we embrace the digital alternative. Aren’t we?

As you probably know, Amazon’s Kindle is the brand leader in the e-reading ‘market’ but the Kobo is here to give it a run for its money. At first, it might sound like a cross between a kangaroo, Newcastle United winger Gabriel Obertan and a hippo, but of course it’s nothing of the sort. It’s an e-reader. And right now, it’s been reduced in price from £67.00 to just £49.00 – slightly more than half the price of a Kindle. Perfect if you’re not ready to feed your fiction to the fishes just yet.


* Samsung laser printer – only £34.99.

* Trine 2 (PC) – just £5.99.

* Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360) – only £9.95.

* Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City – just £25.95.

* Mass Effect 3 (PS3 & Xbox 360) – only £22.95.

* The Darkness II Limited Edition – only £19.95.

* Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (Limited Edition) – only £39.95.

* Save £10 on train fares across the land.

* Flymo lawn mower – yours for only £40.67.

* HP 3050A all-in-one printer – only £25.00.

* Various Canon cashback deals.

All those and more can be found over at HotUKDeals...


  • Mike H.
    Reads like the shopping list of a crazed one-handed peadophile hell-bent on redeeming his vouchers before the place shuts it's doors for good. Then, he's off to the local playground to offer the games to children.
  • Boris
    Are you accusing Ken Livingstone? I could not possibly confirm your accusations but I don't hear Ken denying it.
  • Me
    to Mike Hock: Surely a paedophile would need two hands to effectively deal with a small energetic child. They do wriggle hyper-actively a lot even under normal situations.

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